12 December 2013

Animation Explanations

 For a university brief I had to create 3 short GIF animations that explained different scenarios. They had to be completely pictorial without any text.

How bats navigate to find their prey in the dark:

How the digestive system works:

How and why spiders make their webs:

28 September 2013

Museum Part 1

I took a trip to Cliffe Castle, my local museum. It's one of the most amazing place to go for quick drawing references for 1800s clothes, animal bones and amazing rock colours and patterns. I got a ton of photos but thought I'd split them up into different posts with some of the drawings I did.
The trip was to get myself some 1800s clothing inspiration for a brief I'm currently doing at university. I will post the clothing photos and drawings in a later post.

Here are a few of my favourite sights :)

The castle entrance.

A tapestry of Ravens.

A brown bear Skull.

A lion Skull.

The halls of the museum and the stain glass windows.

27 September 2013

23 September 2013

22 September 2013

Back at Uni

Back at uni for my last year. Putting off unpacking for doodling on my tablet pen ;)

13 September 2013


Starting some alien sketches. I've missed doing creepy critters.

6 September 2013


Another rough sketch that I want to vectorize when I get back to illustrator and a scanner.